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Faith Retreats ™ - a Journey with Sacred Ancestral Medicines in Portugal 

“Re-fresh, Re-unite, Re-connect, be Re-born, be Re-newed,” 

Friday, 17 February 2023 to Wednesday 22 February 2023



Retreat Itinerary 

Join us  at our exclusive 5-days sacred ancestral medicine retreat 

  • There has never been a more poignant or necessary time 

  • To refresh the mind, body, and spirit, 

  • To reunite with the time-honoured traditions of medicine ceremonies, or 

  • To reconnect with the 4 elements of the natural world 

  • So that you can be reborn with the insights of true self-discovery and renewed purpose. 

  • The Four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are not only the building blocks of life on our planet; they also unlock the unique wisdom to balance and heal the body and the mind. Your 5-day / 4-night retreat will teach you how to harness the power of the elements to create lasting and meaningful change. Breathwork, daily movement and meditation classes, nature walks, sound baths, light therapy, fire circles, psychedelic integration groups, as well as, deep, guided shamanic medicine ceremonies come together to create an unforgettable experience. 

*Please note that our retreats are mixed - both women and men are invited to attend. 



About this Retreat

The setting 

Faith Retreats™   is situated in the Alentejan region of Portugal. 

The property boasts 9 hectares of rustic, natural farmland, with pleasant local walks, singing birds (from dawn ‘til dusk), farm animals that roam freely, house pets and magical starry skies. 

We also have a superb team who is always on standby and ready to help. 

We are a small family and we look forward to welcoming you into ours. 

Be sure to take time to rest, unplug, read and socialize. 

Our space is the perfect place to contemplate stillness and practice mindfulness. 




Here we want to bring you back to the joy of healthy cooking and show you how satisfying, affordable and quick food can be. 

We want you to appreciate the food you put in your mouth and feel encouraged to have a go at combining nourishing ingredients in inventive and delicious ways, so that every day you can eat well and eat happy. 

If you want to try our planted based diet let us know. 

If you have any allergies or food intolerance, or if there are any foods or drinks you do not like, or anything you would like to experience during your stay,let us know. 




Faith Retreats ™  farm is the perfect place to take time out of your busy life to detox and heal. As well as the five en-suite bedrooms, comfy living room area and communal dining room, each room backs onto a large terrace with loungers. There is a swimming pool – the perfect place to cool down after a stroll through our grounds. 

Guests have access to all shared spaces: the swimming pool, kitchen, therapy room, terrace, games zone and all 9 hectares of the ranch, hiking trails and creeks. And don´t forget our animals! 




All our 5 rooms are en-suite (with a private bathroom) and have all the necessary facilities for comfortable accommodation. 

Enjoy our beautiful sunrises! 



What we offer 

Guided Shamanic plant medicine ceremonies with live sound bath and healing music 

2 to 1 ratio of facilitator to guest for maximum support 

Registered nurse and onsite medical staff 

Pre retreat preparation to ensure optimal outcomes: private personal interview, mental and physical health screening, intention setting, journaling prompts, pre retreat diet recommendations and preparation exercises 

Post retreat psychedelic Integration program: One on one integration coaching session with retreat leaders, group integration meetings, community resource building tools 

Pre and post ceremony integration circles during the retreat 

Healthy and nourishing vegetarian meals 

Movement and Meditation classes 

Breathwork sessions 

Sound healing 

Sound baths 

Singing circle 

Guided meditations 

Light therapy journeys 

Altar building 



4 element purification rituals 

Sharing around the fire 

Shamanic card readings 

Nature walks 

Time to relax and connect with your fellow guests 

Renovated farmhouse accommodation 



The Program

Day 1 (Friday)
15:00 - Arrivals Start
18:00 - Arrivals End
19:00 - Welcome dinner / Ice breaker

Day 2 (Saturday) xx/xx

08:00 - Breakfast
09:00 - Community
10:30 - Breathwork - Heart opening (90 mins)
13:00 - Lunch (no more food after)
15:00 - Pre-Ayahuasca Ceremony
16:00 - Altar building
18:00 - Ayahuasca Ceremony with Axis Mundis

After ceremony: shared light meal
(soup, seasonal fruits)


Day 3 (Sunday) xx/xx

08:30 - Community
10:00 - Kambo Ceremony (fasting prior)
13:00 - Lunch (no more food after)
15:00 - Breathwork & Cold Therapy with Christopher Dickson
18:00 - Meditation
19:00 - Ayahuasca Ceremony with Axis Mundis

After ceremony: shared light meal
(soup, seasonal fruits)

Day 4 (Monday) xx/xx

08:00 - Breakfast
09:00 - Community
10:00 - Temazcal
13:00 - Lunch (no more food after)
15:00 - Bufo Ceremony (daylight dependent)
18:00 - Sharing Circle / Fire talks
19:00 - Dinner - Paella Vegetarian



Day 5 (Tuesday) xx/xx

08:30 - Breakfast
09:30 - Community
10:30 - Kundalini Yoga with Hari Rai Singh
13:00 - Lunch (no more food after)
15:00 - Pre-Mushroom Ceremony
16:00 - Mushroom Ceremony / Live Music with Johnny White

After ceremony: shared light meal
(soup, seasonal fruits)


Day 6 (Wednesday) xx/xx

08:30 - Breathwork & Cold dip
09:30 - Breakfast
10:30 - Sharing & closing circle
12:00 - Light Meal / Buffet
13:00 - Exit

Bonne Voyage!





Single Person - Private Room 5.499,00€ Including Tax

Couple sharing or Twin Sharing - 9.980,40€ Including Tax



100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event; 

50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event; 

0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event; 

The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival. 

The process:

  • Complete our online fact finding questionnaire. Here Medical Questionaire

  • Questionnaire reviewed by our Doctor and therapy team (medical and psychological assessment).

  • Phone consultation


Accommodation and facilities:

  • 100% unique set & setting in the field of ibogaine treatments

  • Resort style setting, providing comfort and safety

  • En-Suite bedrooms

  • Terrace and garden facing

  • Own sun-lounger

  • Birdsong

  • 9 hectares of nature including an orange orchard and olive grove

  • Communal living room and dining room

  • Chef and kitchen

  • Plunge pool & loungers

  • Stables

  • On site farm

  • Therapeutic pets

  • Dietary requirements catered for



  • Tranquil surrounds of rural Portugal

  • Two hours from either Lisbon (preferred) or Faro airports

  • Due to confidentiality, exact location will be advised later

Suggested arrival and departure days:

  • Arrive to Lisbon airport Saturday morning early (Faith Retreats™ package).

  • Depart Wednesday noon

  • Return Taxi  service and transfers not  included  (Our intake team will guide you through the booking process)

The whole team at Faith Retreats™  look forward to receiving at one of our healing retreats in the near future. May the healing begin!

Ahó, Ahó


Would you like to join this retreat? If so, please complete our online Medical Questionaire

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