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Our Team


Álvaro Ziani de Ferranti


Graduated in 1991, with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies at the University of East London, Álvaro is the chairman of three eponymous brands, and successful businesses, operating in the interiors and architectural sectors in the very heart of London. Álvaro de Ferranti, born in London, United Kingdom, in the early 70’s, spent much his childhood in Portugal and his adult working life in the UK since the late 80’s, having recently emigrated to Portugal with his wife and two children.
Having learned of Iboga in 2013, and discovered its benefits, Álvaro has embarked on the arduous task of organising clinical trials with Ibogaine HCL in Portugal. The whole team, from a reputable manufacturer with a solid protocol, Principal Investigator, CRO, Project Managers and a first class clinic, have all been assembled.
In addition, Álvaro presented Iboga and Ibogaine to Dr. João Goulão, the national drug coordinator for Portugal and the head of SICAD (The General Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependancies).
Álvaro has a keen interest in the therapeutic benefits of Iboga, and other entheogens. Especially, the part they play with arresting addiction to harmful substances and behaviours. More importantly, his focus is on holistic, consistent and compassionate aftercare.

Jane de Ferranti

Jade Ziani de Ferranti


Jade initially found out about Iboga and planted the metaphorical seeds for what has now become Tabula Rasa Retreat Centre.
Jade is a qualified EFT level 1 & 2 practitioner and ABNLP/NLP Practitioner. She has always been interested in energy techniques, psychology/psycho-spiritual healing and guiding people to heal themselves naturally. 
Jade works alongside other natural therapies that we offer to our clients.


Rafaela Salvador

Client Manager

Graduated with a degree in Sociology from the University of Evora, Rafaela has had extensive experience working in the rehab and addiction sector. 
Rafaela was a support worker and administrative assistant at the Monte Wellness Centre (Portugal), also worked for Seasons Portugal Wellness Centre in client services, and trained at Western Counselling Residential Treatment for Addictions in the United Kingdom.
Alongside Alvaro, Rafaela is the first point of contact for all enquiries. She provides support to prospective clients and also is the conduit between the client and our extensive referral network. 
Rafaela is our lifeline.


Sofia Lopes

Chef & Support

Sofia is a self-taught chef who is passionate about feel-good food. Feel-good food, for her, is food that not only tastes good, it’s food that nourishes our bodies, food that’s grown with the seasons and with respect for the people who grow it. It’s food to be enjoyed and shared, and it’s food that is used to its full wholesome, nourishing potential with nothing wasted.
Sofia grow up in a traditional family who taught her the value of a good home-cooked meal and the importance of sharing it with the ones we love. When she left home and learned to cook for herself she started reinventing leftovers, raiding her fridge and seeking out in-season foods, which have dictated how she cooks – simple and seasonal. In 2011, after been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, so she looking into other ways of managing her condition and began researching diet and lifestyle.
After seven years working in the social services sector, she decided that what she really liked was cooking, and as soon as an opportunity arose, she decided to grab it. She left Coimbra and start working at Vovó Joaquina Restaurant in Beja (in the pastry section). A few months later, she discovered Quinta da Fé and decided to take up the challenge that was proposed to her. Every day she tries to learn more, discover more and adapt to the diets of those who visit us, in order to make them as healthy as possible.
During your stay, she will try to share with you the beautiful plant foods available and the different ways to put them together for a sublime taste.


                                                                                                    Axis Mundis

                                                                                                    Shaman and Couselor


Axis is a young shaman healer that has been working  for 12 years with master plants and natural medicines, such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Kambo, Bufo alvarius, temazcales, dietas and many others.

The experience he gained with his shaman maestro, his travels to Mexico, Colombia, Peru and other countries, as well as his degree in Psychology, helped him to create a completely new and original way of doing therapy, called Natural Psychology. 

This is giving outstanding results freeing people not only from strong drug slavery, but also from any kind of mental suffering.

For him, working with master plants is the most natural way of living, and they together will truly naturalize everything in your being, helping you to be authentic, free and full of life.














Shaman and Artist 

Chiara started her journey with master plants in 2019 and since then she has been working with Axis as partners. She supports him during the ceremonies, in order to bring balance to the masculine and femenine energy which is very important. With Axis she guided ceremonies and organized retreats in different countries in Europe, Mexico and Africa. She also got iniciated in the Bwiti religion in Cameroon in 2022. She studied Fine Art in London and her focus is now on the therapeutical power of creative practices, she runned art therapy workshops and always tries to combine art and nature. She has also been working in an holistic center in Spain where she does massages, energeric healings and beauty facial treatments. She will help you see the natural beauty within and around you.

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                                                                                                Support and counseling

Originally from Lisbon, Ruben found his purpose once he moved to the Alentejo. Graduated in the social services sector, he worked at a specialised institution for young people with severe emotional disorders and addiction issues. From a early age, Ruben believed that there can be long lasting change in people, that it is possible to repair trauma and live a happier life. His life path later led him to specialise in the area of addictions, in particular, working directly with people who struggle with substance misuse. Ruben has worked at Quinta da Fé (the home of Tabula Rasa Retreat) since 2019.
Ruben provides compassionate, discrete, attentive and empathetic customer support and is the main connection between our guests and the whole support team. His beliefs grew out of the therapeutic love he too received. He believes without a doubt, listening and "accessing" to the inner child is the key to achieve a recovery and a happy life, with absolute control in the ability to decide the course he takes .

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