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Alvaro de Ferranti

Co Founder of Tabula Rasa Retreat™ and Faith Retreats™

Álvaro has a keen interest in the therapeutic benefits of Iboga, and other Entheogens. Especially, the part they play with arresting addiction to harmful substances and behaviours. More importantly, his focus is on holistic, consistent, and compassionate aftercare. Having experienced multiple plant medicine journeys, his most profound experiences were a result of partaking in sacred mushroom therapies, leading to long-lasting and positive changes in his life. 

It is clear to him that psilocybin alleviated his occasional feelings of depression, helped him feel more connected to the world around him and enhanced his self-acceptance.

Furthermore, these experiences enabled him to reframe the way he viewed himself and his life. He further noticed that pre-care, integration, and aftercare were the keystones of this prescription.

Álvaro is co-owner of the visionary, and ambitious Tabula Rasa Retreat™ project in Portugal. It is a natural progression to amalgamate his experience from running the world’s premier ibogaine treatment centre, Tabula Rasa Retreat, to further good use, in the is case, his new brand of wellness events – Faith Retreats™ – held a Quinta da Fé™, the home of Tabula Rasa Retreat™ 

He now joins forces with retreat leader, and ceremony guide Jessica Grotfeldt, who is a renowned expert in the field of sacred mushroom therapy. 

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Axis Mundis


Axis is a young shaman healer that has been working  for 12 years with master plants and natural medicines, such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Kambo, Bufo alvarius, temazcales, dietas and many others.

The experience he gained with his shaman maestro, his travels to Mexico, Colombia, Peru and other countries, as well as his degree in Psychology, helped him to create a completely new and original way of doing therapy, called Natural Psychology.

This is giving outstanding results freeing people not only from strong drug slavery, but also from any kind of mental suffering.

For him, working with master plants is the most natural way of living, and they together will truly naturalize everything in your being, helping you to be authentic, free and full of life.


Johnny White

Sound healer, Musician, Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist, Pranic Healer

Since childhood Johnny felt a deep spiritual calling to explore both sound and holistic healing on his awakening path. He experienced life changing transformative effects through his study and practice of Reiki, deepening his intuition and trust in universal guidance. Exploring sound through various instruments and vocal activations he was then intuitively guided to unite sound with healing.

Johnny spends much of his time exploring the beneficial effects of instruments, studying and discovering various ways of healing through sound.

Combining his deep interest in Universal Energy – in all its creative manifestations – with his intuition and curiosity in healing frequencies, Johnny is passionate about universal healing through sound.  He combined all his learnings in one unique Therapy and called it Kior Therapy.
We are delighted to combine Johnny’s live sound-craft into our psilocybin healing retreats for the ultimate sensory experience. Johnny intuitively knows where to take you with his music. You will be treated to Chakra Activation with Crystal Singing Bowls, Vocal Toning, Sound baths and of course, “the ultimate sound journey”.

Cristopher Dickson

Breathwork facilitator & Wim Hof Method instructor

When I was a young child I had a keen sense of magic. In bed at night I used to hold my hand up to the moonlight and see the glow land on the tip of my pointed index finger. I imagined that the light was a power, an energy coming out from within me. As we mature into the world we are taught that we are separate from one another, powerless. We lose our playfulness, our innate sense of connection. I believe breathwork and cold exposure can help us come back to this state of being.

I have a background in the arts and it is the thread that runs through my life, it connects my relationships and the path I’ve taken, now living happily in Portugal.

My experiences with depression, with the ill health of family members, my meditation practice and natural curiosity all led me to discovering the Wim Hof Method and that’s where I found connection again, to myself, to nature, to others. It may not be magic, in fact, as Wim has shown, this is very much rooted in science, but as the practice grows and the studies pile up, the truth seems to be we are capable of much more than we think.

It doesn’t come for free. It requires commitment, but the method is a powerful gift and I love to share it.


Hari Rai Singh

Kundalini Yoga

Has a degree in Marketing & Advertising (2006), started practicing Hatha Yoga when he was 23 years old and practicing Kundalini Yoga at 25 years of age.

He is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Level I) and a certified Starchild Yoga Teacher.

He is a regular Kundalini Yoga teacher in Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra, as well as a Children’s Yoga Teacher.

He participates in several solidarity projects, namely in drug addiction.

His aim is to further the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan and spread the practice of yoga and meditation in the Portuguese speaking world.

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