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We have some house rules that need to be respected in order to make your stay and that of others as comfortable as possible.

For one, we ask our guests to respect each other's privacy.

Another one is that we have taken much attention in the interior of the house. We much appreciate it if our guests will be careful with the objects in the house.

Accidents are always possible, but damages need to be paid for.

1. Guests and Invitees of guests are expected to behave in a manner which is conducive to the safety, comfort, and convenience of other guests.

2. A breach of any House Rule may result in the summary eviction of the offender at the discretion of the manager.

3.  A breach of House Rules includes:

a) Noisy, offensive, and/or unruly behaviour.

b) Damage to or destruction of property.

c) Improper or unseemly conduct or any act or omission which in the opinion of the manager, adversely effects or brings discredit upon the manager, owner, or other guests.

4.Smoking is Prohibited Inside All rooms and is only permitted in the designated exterior smoking areas.

5.Noise and tranquility We ask that you respect the needs of others by refraining from loud discussions, playing loud music, or allowing entry doors to slam. We ask that this courtesy is shown to all guests staying in the hotel. Should you go out to the designated smoking areas after lights out, in order to respect other guests well deserved sleep, please be quiet when exiting and entering the premises. Failure to comply will result in all guest being removed & no refunds. Quinta da Fé has a very strict No Party Policy.

6. ALCOHOL/ DRUGS The trade or use of drugs and alcohol abuse are also not permitted.

7. MOVING OF FURNITURE Guests have to respect the decoration of the room. We do not allow that furniture is moved from the room to be placed elsewhere.

8. Dangerous Items

You must not bring any potentially hazardous or otherwise dangerous items on to our premises.


House Rules

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