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Ibogaine and Safety

Ensuring Safe Ibogaine Treatment

While Iboga and its derivative, ibogaine, can be safe when used in appropriate medical settings, it's imperative that proper screening, precise dosing, and the correct exclusion criteria are in place to further ensure our client’s safety here at Quinta da Fé, located in rural Portugal. 

Ibogaine has the potential to decelerate the heart rate and extend the QT interval. Administering it without a specialized medical team and heart monitoring can expose individuals to serious risks. Regrettably, there have been several ibogaine-associated fatalities over the past decades. Nonetheless, when we compare the safety profiles of various treatments, ibogaine emerges as statistically safer than methadone.

Adverse reactions can manifest due to interactions between ibogaine and remaining drugs in the system, or because of an individual's underlying medical condition. Our screening protocol is meticulous. We conduct drug tests upon our guests' arrival and will decisively decline anyone presenting a condition listed in our exclusions.

Before commencing treatment with us, we need:

- A thorough medical evaluation, complemented by a letter from your primary physician.
- A 12-lead ECG/EKG; if anomalies are found, a stress echocardiogram is essential.
- A stimulant-free state during testing and no active withdrawal symptoms.
- A comprehensive metabolic panel, which encompasses kidney (BUN – blood urea nitrogen), liver functions (Albumin, AST, ALT, GGT), serum electrolytes, complete blood count, and thyroid function for those aged 45 and above.

For your convenience, we can direct you to trusted medical testing clinics based on your location.

Post-evaluation, our medical specialists will make an informed decision about the suitability of iboga treatment for you.

Your Safety at Quinta da Fé

Our treatment centre prides itself on our highly competent, certified nursing team, also trained in advanced cardiac life support. Upon your arrival and during your introductory phase, we undertake drug tests, evaluate your electrolyte balance, and perform an initial EKG. Should any concerns arise, the initiation of your treatment will be postponed until our nursing team deem it safe to proceed.

Throughout your treatment, you will be constantly monitored with an EKG machine and a pulse oximeter. Our facility is equipped with emergency medications, oxygen supplies, and state-of-the-art defibrillators.

Rest assured, in the unlikely event of an emergency, we are situated a mere 10km (about a 20-minute drive) from the nearest hospital.

At Quinta da Fé, your safety is paramount.

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