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About Our Retreats

Growth – un-becoming all that isn´t anymore.

To create space for the new to manifest, it´s necessary to let go of what no longer serves us. 

The path of self-discovery is a path of truth, and when facing truth all parts must be looked at, recognized, accepted and integrated. 

It´s a path of commitment, awareness and responsibility.

A deeply transforming journey with beautiful healing moments, but also with moments of deep discomfort, resistance and pain. 

The path of self-discovery is about discovering / uncovering / unraveling. It´s the path of a lifetime that can only be taken by you.

Here, at Quinta da Fé™, the home of Tabula Rasa Retreat™, we want to help you (re)connect. We want you awake, rooted and more conscious. With optional use of ancestral remedies, with safety, comfort, confidentiality and without judgment, we will be here for you.

*Please note that our retreats are mixed - both women and men are invited to attend.

Tabula Rasa Retreat™  Ibogaine addiction and healing retreat


Enveloped by the lush and verdant cultivated fields of the Alentejo in Portugal; secluded on the outskirts of the quiet, cobbled village of Vidigueira with its yellow and blue stucco houses rests our Tabula Rasa Retreat™— currently rated as Europe’s leading Ibogaine Treatment Centre.

Offering inpatient accommodation, we are more than a retreat: we are also a place offering you deep healing; overseen, coordinated and provided for by our superb, holistic team of therapists, chef, nurses and professionally trained Ibogaine healers.

In fact, such is our commitment to our mission that our success rate in treating multiple substance addictions remains unrivalled to date. We are a devoted team, focused on helping people find long lasting drug and alcohol recovery with a very reduced chance of relapse, according to our statistics - over 50% of cases report being sober for over twelve months, as compared to 3% in traditional methods. Clients that come to us to better their health have received unsurmountable benefits. Oftentimes people come in as patients and leave as family.

It is no coincidence that some of us here on the Team have struggled with, yet successfully overcome addictions and mental health issues ourselves, standing before you as living examples that there is profound hope to be had in our hands. Infused with the knowledge gained from our own personal recovery journeys - now living healthy, focused, balanced and meaningful lives with open heart - we are passionate about sharing the deep wisdom transmitted to us by the tabernanthe iboga shrub, from which Ibogaine is extracted.

Primarily, we care deeply about helping you pave the road for the journey to your sobriety, wisdom, attunement, presence and - above all else - freedom from the relentless maws of drug addiction.

It is because of our first-hand knowledge of the mechanisms and triggers of addiction that we know how to beat it. We know that Iboga / Ibogaine offer proven relief from opioid withdrawals, wholly eliminate crack-cocaine cravings, remove your desire to drink and take drugs, help resolve trauma, causes of depression (and so much more) and facilitate a spiritual awakening; it’s no small feat it has been cited as a stepping stone for lasting change.
Note however, that Iboga is not a one-stop miracle cure; as you put in the work too, it will provide a window of opportunity to instil positive changes in your lives.


About this Retreat

Tabula Rasa Retreat™ was born to be more than a place where we recover addicts. It was born because we believe that to get out of the darkness we first need to immerse ourselves in it. Only through the pain of confronting our past, our trauma, our history - with all its “hungry ghosts,” as Dr. Gabor Maté so elegantly says - is it possible to find the light. As in the allegory of Dante’s cave... only after we have chosen to leave the cave and discover the truth outside - reality as is - we will always think that the shadows are real.

This process is all about the work, the truth, and bridging the gap between soul and self without the distractions of the outside world. Iboga knows of no discrimination in its capacity to heal. You come to Iboga for another chance, for redemption of self. It awaits you, and you will feel, more than ever, that your immersive experience is the purest way of experiencing the self in its most authentic communication with the soul.

We do not sell pretty images or idyllic notions; this is not what you need. Healing by speaking with our souls is what we need and this exists through strong spirit, resolve, protection and guidance. Join us in becoming yourself.

“I only know that I know nothing” - Socrates

Allow yourself to be an actual “Tabula Rasa” - a clean slate - and re-write / re-interpret your own history.


The Program
We offer private suites with Queen Size beds. All our rooms boast en-suite bathrooms and have all the necessary facilities for comfortable accommodation, privacy, dignity and care.


6 nights/5 Days program - either substance misuse detox and/or psycho-spiritual healing

  • Addiction and addictive behaviour understanding, acceptance and recovery

  • Psycho-spiritual work

  • Shadow work

  • PTSD / Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Grief and loss

  • Human empowerment and spiritual development.


  Daily Routines

  • Day 1 - Intake, orientation, grounding, fear releasing and trust sessions with Rapé and Sananga, introduction to the ibogaine process, set, setting & intention ceremony.

  • Day 2 - Ibogaine Treatment at dawn facilitated by our qualified and experienced provider and nurses.

  • Day 3 - Processing time supported by our team of therapists and their therapies.

  • Day 4 - Daily check-in, group sharing, Temezcal (“Tenda do Suor”), relapse prevention groups and recovery related topics, including a very special visionary and spiritual experience.

  • Day 5 - Daily check in, group sessions, Pandora Star™ light therapy, breathwork session, ice bath and cold exposure, farewell inner in the local village.

  • Day 6 - Daily check in, Check out process
    (schedules can be subject to change dependant on group dynamics)


What We Cover

  The roadmap to receiving ibogaine treatment - the process:

  • Complete our online fact finding questionnaire. Here

  • Questionnaire reviewed by our Doctor and therapy team (medical and psychological assessment).

  • If all OK, request to undertake medical tests (EKG/ECG, full bloods and metabolic panel).

  • Ensure you have the necessary budget and commitment for treatment.

  • Optional commitment to ibogaine pre-care (first hour is free).

  • Skype consultation.


   Ibogaine treatments and therapy

  • Medically safe and assisted Ibogaine treatments.

  • ACLS trained doctor and nurses.

  • Quality monitoring equipment.

  • Emergency plan in place

Ibogaine for substance mis-use:

  • Heroin and Oxycontin

  • Opioids

  • Methadone and Buprenorphine (must switch to SAO’s)

  • Alcohol

  • Stimulants

  • Cocaine and Crack

  • Methamphetamine

  • Nicotine

  • Spice /Synthetic THC

  • Kratom

Ibogaine for personal development and self discovery

  • Mental illness

  • PTSD

  • Dual diagnosis

  • Spiritual enhancement

Holistic Therapies we offer to compliment your ibogaine therapy
(below is an assortment of some of our offering, some are only available for extended stays or are payable, enquire):

  • Expert-led ‘w’holistic therapies

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Bodywork and breathwork

  • Toning and tuning

  • Kundalini / natural Yoga

  • Drumming and healing sound

  • Kambô (extra cost €350 cash)

  • Other non-iboga plant medicines (€500 - €750 cash)

  • Temazcal (sweat lodge ceremony)

  • Cold therapy and exposure

  • Light therapy (Pandora Star™)

  • Messages

  • Walking and rambling

  • Seasonal activities

  • Group therapy

  • 1:1 pre and post counselling (enquire for our 'bundles of care' pricing)

  • Online aftercare (Ibogaine Recovery Movement) for life

Accommodation and facilities

  • 100% unique set & setting in the field of ibogaine treatments

  • Resort style setting, providing comfort and safety

  • En-Suite bedrooms

  • Terrace and garden facing

  • Own sun-lounger

  • Birdsong

  • 9 hectares of nature including an orange orchard and olive grove

  • Communal living room and dining room

  • Chef and kitchen

  • Plunge pool & loungers

  • Stables

  • On site farm

  • Therapeutic pets

  • Dietary requirements catered for



  • Tranquil surrounds of rural Portugal

  • Two hours from either Lisbon (preferred) or Faro airports

  • Due to confidentiality, exact location will be advised later

Suggested arrival and departure days:

  • Arrive to airport Monday morning early (standard treatment package).

  • Depart Friday / Saturday (standard treatment package).

  • Return Taxi service included based on two Pax sharing. Individual price extra €170 payable in advance.
    (Our intake team will guide you through the process)

The whole team at Tabula Rasa Retreat™ (Europe's preferred ibogaine treatment centre) look forward to receiving at one of our healing retreats in the near future. May the healing begin!

Bassé, Bassé



Tabula Rasa Retreat™️ does not provide psychoactive or controlled substances, nor are we licensed therapists, counsellors, or medical professionals. We are not spiritual guides or scientists; however, we offer you a safe set and setting, with an experienced team, so you can delve deep into your own ‘plant medicine’ journeys. We are a harm reduction company. We do not provide referrals to “underground” (illegal) psychedelic services. Any information received through our services should be considered for educational purposes and not be misconstrued as medical or legal advice. Please use your discretion to ensure our services meet your needs. 


"Ask yourself what's really important and then have the courage to build

your home and life around that answer." — Joshua Becket

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