Gastronomy and oenotourism

Food is THE important thing in Portugal, to get a better understanding of the country and its culture. We will make you discover some of the best traditional and typical recipees, as well as more international food, which marry both our cultures, french and portuguese.

All our plates are home-cooked, and based on local products, as the famous olive oil, that comes directly from Vidigueira’s producers! We can also advise you lots of good restaurants and bars to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner.

Vidigueira is known for two gastronomical products: its white wine, and its home made bread.

The wine is celebrated two times a year (officially, but it is kind of a whole year thing):

– 1st Week-end of December: Vitifrades

This big event is a local initiative to promote a traditional wine made as the romans used to, and called “vinho de talha”, that is to be soon recognised (we hope), as a Unesco Immaterial World Inheritage.

– mid-April: Vidigueira branco

This annual event from the municipality is here to celebrate Vidigueira’s famous white wine, but also the Alentejano’s traditional singing. As, you will see, wine and music are always closely related in Portuguese culture…

A little further (20km), Rural Beja, in October, is a great occasion for you to discover all the products the region has to offer!!

The rest of the year, you will also be able to visit the vineyards around, and to taste some good white or red wine. However, you will also enjojy our honey, olives and olive oil, or other local products… We will be happy to show you around if we can!

The town being nationally famous for its bread, don’t forget to enter one of Vidigueira’s bakery before leaving!