Cultural inheritage

Vidigueira is situated only 50km away from the great city of Evora, a UNESCO Heritage Site (Basilica, Chapel of Ossuary, Vasco da Gama’s palace,…). You can also pay a visit to Beja’s castle (only 20km away), and it’s famous azulejos, dated from the XVth to the XXth centuries.

However, you will find many places close to know more about the portuguese’s cultural and historical background, as Vidigueira was the county of world known explorer Vasco de Gama! Its municipal museum will show you an important ethnographic collection, and will give you a global vision of Alentejo’s past. The exposition center of Marmelar, the ancient ruins of St Cucufate, or Portel’s ancient castle will also be places to visit during your stay.

And if you want to link nature and culture, all these sites can be included in hiking or cycling trails!